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World Against Me

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#1 Demon


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 12:01 PM

When I was about seven years old, my brother and sisters made up a girlfriend for me, hailey with the ginger hair. they even made it into a chant. it wasn't even a real girl. ever since then i have been vociferously private about my social life when it comes to my family. so when i was just starting high school, literally that first dreaded couple of months, my cousin from america moved here (actually into my house) and was put in a bunch of my classes. when i got a girlfriend for a day in year 7 my whole family knew about it that afternoon. to this day, reference is still made about "sal's girlfriend". that is my only girlfriend ever.

school started so promising but by college i was very shy around girls. i had this thing where my eyes would water really easily when talking to anyone. this strange malfunction only increased my shyness and embarrassment. the only chance i had with talking to girls was if i had a mutual friend to kind of bridge out from. every person from my town had a bunch of friends from high school in their classes but not me. in every class in first year of college I was in a room of strangers and had to try and make friends. every single class.

#2 fifiroxy


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 02:15 PM

I used to be very shy, and I would blush uncontollably which would exacerbate the situation
Then I discovered alcohol which made me awkwardly extroverted

Now I am more socially skilled but tbh all the friends I made in college were the wrong people, well most of them
One was a bit of a stalker/ weirdo who told his friends that he had slept with me ( he hadn't)
I met him years later and started dating a friend of his which he didn't like at all

The one shy awkward guy red headed guy who got teased really badly who fancied me is probably the only person that I would be interested in seeing again, he was too clean cut for wild teenage me at the time

#3 vittu


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 01:49 AM


I have been in serious steady relationships that have lasted a few years since i was 17.

When i had my first BDSM sex slave, i was 26. That was pretty young for that kind of a thing.

I recently read that Richard Hell had his first slave in his 30's.
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