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Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto Vs. Chris Goss Of Masters Of Reality

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horni the mor maniac

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 10:24 AM

Amy Sciarretto invited Masters of Reality's Chris Goss into the ring for a little Take Aim action, since they both love metal. Well, she loves listening to the genre. He loves playing that style. It was a perfect pairing.

She found out through her investigation and interrogation that he is a collector of pottery, from a specific era. He also likes McDonald's. What a fun dude to play along with!

Also, Delicious Vinyl will issue a re-release of a Masters of Reality double-disc pack combining their 1988 debut album Masters of Reality with 1997's How High The Moon: Live At The Viper Room. The reissue combo comes with a fold-out poster and new liner notes, and is also available on premium-grade double-LP vinyl at

Any non-music skills/hobbies/talents?

Yes, I have many collection obsessions. First and foremost is American art pottery circa 1900 thru 1960. I've never counted the pieces, but I imagine it's well over a thousand. Next is my lifelong fascination and love of cats, at the expense of some of the pottery I may add. Finally, I was raised a suburban creature. I can wander the aisles of Wal Mart, Rite Aid and Dollar stores for hours. The holiday aisles get more fantastic every year. I cherish American kitsch capitalism. I hope to die choking on a Filet o Fish sandwich while plugging in my pink Christmas tree.

Pick one song in the Masters of Reality catalog and share why it's definitive, and perhaps a writing or recording story?

I would have to pick the track "Rabbit One." It was written during the very first jam with Ginger Baker. We took a lunch break, I heard the riff in my head and ran to my guitar. Ginger heard it, threw down his sandwich and yelled 'Yeah,' got behind the kit and bingo. Even the lyrics were made on the spot that day.

If you didn't do music, you would...

I have no idea. I've always been a contrary motherfucker. I refuse to toe the party line in any circumstance. I resent being called a 'worker' and despise the notion of a commie ant colony society.

What do Masters of Reality fans need to know about the band RIGHT NOW? As in, here's time to shamelessly plug or self-promote.

The proof is in the pudding. A new generation yearns for groove matched with melody and depth. We will once again deliver that promise. I was weened on albums. Long cohesive pieces of music. If the ipod shuffle club can't handle that, it's their brains that are in peril. The new album that we've just started seems to be shaping up as pretty dark affair. Songs flip out like Tarot cards. We get what's dealt. But honestly, my sole desire is to fuck your ears and subsequently your mind.


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Posted 31 January 2014 - 10:44 PM

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